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Buying a Home Sight Unseen

You would believe purchasing a home sight unseen would be uncommon but believe it or not as being a busy realtor I have sold many homes to buyers without them ever seeing the home ahead of closing on the house.

More often, buyers make offers and go fully into contract just before seeing the house but some time they see your home through the inspection period.
As you might think a number of these buyers are investors but considering I do not work much with investors I have still done many purchases for buyers that fully thinking about moving into your home either full or part-time without ever seeing the property. Fortunately, thus far they’ve got all been very happy making use of their purchases and all things have resolved beautifully.

Prices being below they have got in years lots of people from Canada or the across the nation are buying homes within the warmer states as second homes plus they often purchase for them without seeing them personally.

These homes have a good description in most cases many photos from the property as well as surroundings but I often end up taking additional to enable them to see prior to making a package. A drawing from the floor plan helps as well them obtain a feel for layout, design. There are times that I potentially have buyer around the phone while I walk through the property describing it for them.

If the client is not going to be seeing the property before or in the inspection period they’re still able to get a good idea associated with a possible concerns about your home using the online inspection report and detailed description along with photos from a possible issue with the house. Photos also include things they might need to see much like the electrical box or water turn on and off valves for information later on.

Naturally, most buyers be interested in your house and lots of times more often than once before making a large decision to purchase a property.

Usually a buyer knows the area they are making a home purchase and a lot from the time I have found they’ve got actually stayed or visited a selected community they are interested a house. A retirement area is one in the most frequent for homebuyers to buy your house without actually viewing the house. They may know several in the floor plans as well as the community quite nicely so they are aware from the surroundings of the home they’re buying.

Most in the buyers depend upon me to present them honest opinions of the builder, location, quality of the home in addition to price before making these decisions.

It makes sense for some buyers to look at your home or otherwise see the house ahead of the inspection period has go out so they are not vulnerable to losing any earnest deposit.

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